Alex Ksenofont
Senior Landscape Designer

Office: 780-476-YARD (9273)

Design Philosophy

There are no useless professions in the world because they are all important for society. One of the oldest sciences that has been known since the primitive times is landscape architecture. It was formed when people started to build outdoor spaces around their homes using their primitive knowledge about material and location of objects. Step by step architecture continued its development and led to construction of the Egyptian pyramids and the Colosseum which became the greatest landmarks for millions of tourists.  So, my philosophy is to perpetuate the outdoor space with unique patterns and structures as an extension of the existing house.

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Design Style

Notwithstanding the foregoing regarding my philosophy and endeavour I am fully dedicated to listen and take into account every aspect and desire of the customer to improve the landscape design of their property according to their intentions for the space and most importantly the budget. This is the pivotal information which allows me to immerse myself and break down the information in order to create  the appropriate shapes, patterns and functionality.  Moreover, each individual property urges me to develop it either in traditional or contemporary styles based on engineered materials which today`s market offers for consumers to achieve the best deliverables. .

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Career Highlights

Overall, I am someone who is dedicated to landscape architecture, contemplating with a passion for urban art, sculptures and the world`s historical wealth in each country and their long history. I have visited more than 22 of the world’s most incredible historical sites, which have the landmarks of famous architects and designers. At the beginning I was mimicking their structures and patterns, when I was studying environment design faculty but then I decided to create my own style and approach for implementation in my projects. As a result I am proud to provide a high end level of presentation of my design projects, which make detailed technical comprehensions and visual impressions for my clients. 

I am looking forward to assisting in converting imagination into reality in my projects with Greentree. 


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