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Concrete Block Fitting


We specialize in designing and building, with in-house designers and a build team of over a hundred strong. Our landscape teams include journeymen of all the disciplines required to complete an entire landscape project including:

  • Carpentry, Horticulture

  • Landscaping

  • Concrete

  • Irrigation

  • Equipment Operators

  • Landscape Architecture

Concrete Wall Fence


With the efficiency and expertise of our team, we handle jobs from small repairs up to 10 million dollars projects as sub contractor, as a prime contractor, or complete design & build.

Some Recent Projects Include:

  • Kingsway Mall
    Multi year design/build – landscaping upgrade – Edmonton


  • Vertica Resident Services
    Design/build – green roof – Calgary


  • Southgate Mall
    Design/build – landscape upgrade – Edmonton


  • Cove Properties
    Build – new landscape – Edmonton

  • SCRI
    Design/build – new landscape – Acheson


  • Kaltee
    Build – landscape upgrade & grading repairs – Edmonton


  • Osgood Properties
    Build – landscape repairs – Edmonton

Concrete Outdoor Patio


  • We take the time to train our foremen to talk professionally and consistently with the client and the public as we work on a project. Effective communication allows us to both ensure everyone stays informed and reduces complaints by dealing with any issues before they escalate. This can be particularly effective when we undertake repair jobs or projects involving multiple owners.

  • By having a large team with expertise in the different disciplines, we have greater flexibility to efficiently complete large projects and handle all aspects of smaller projects. Two key advantages for our clients is that we undertake a whole landscape project as well as take responsibility for all aspects of the project rather than having arguments form between sub-trades. This also means we can tackle a large project and complete the work very efficiently by being able to control the timing of our crews, sometimes completing a seven figure job in under a month!

  • We have been able to research and develop new technologies for our industry by leveraging the unique differences in our teams. This allows us to handle projects that may be difficult to undertake or require specific techniques to be efficient. Research and development has provided successful and innovative new products including: granite paving stone at the same cost as concrete paving stone; stone tile decks at the same cost as a composite wood deck; stone fencing and entrance features built at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional methods.

  • By having in-house landscape designers we take care of city approvals and quickly handle design changes when needed. This allows us to take on design/build projects that can be priced all-in, including the design, permits, approvals, construction, maintenance and warranty.


People are our greatest resource and most valuable asset. We are proud to announce we also now have COR recognition. We value their safety above all else. Our Safety Program is rooted in the belief that when you put people first, success will follow. Our Value-Based Safety Program requires worker buy-in and global thinking, as opposed to a Priority-Based Program which emphasizes specific tasks, outcomes and statistical results.


Safety is everyone’s job. We encourage employees to think of working safely as protecting their neighbors, their families and their friends. Safety is a way of life and a constant endeavor.


Our goal is simple: we want every worker to go home safely to their families every night.


Advances in technology make landscaping increasingly complex. However, the demand for timely, quality and cost effective delivery has not changed. In order to match quality with efficiency in construction, technology has to play a part. Our innovative use of cutting-edge technologies enables cohesive project management that increases efficiency and improves communication. That way you stay informed and your project stays on schedule.

Our projects include new technologies like:

  • Web-based collaboration tools

  • Jobsite tablets that seamlessly unify the technology with the physical construction

  • 24-hour access to web-based project team sites

By incorporating technology early in a project’s development, we can educate our partners on best practices and work together to improve overall project visualization, increase collaboration and productivity, and reduce the need for change orders and repeat work.


  • Our own roll off bins to help keep our worksite clean and organized

  • Tri-drive roll-off truck to keep the bins moving around on schedule

  • Tandem end dumps and tandem body jobs

  • One ton dump trucks

  • On site job trailers with all the tools of the tradeand the safety equipment needed

  • Skid steers, including tracked and wheeled

  • Excavators, including mini and large

  • Loader

  • D6 cat

  • Over 20 pick-up trucks

  • 3D design software utilized in all our landscape designs

  • A 10 acre yard and a 4000 sq. ft. indoor showroom and office

Liuna Labourers
COR Certified
Construction Safety

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