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Dylan Margolis Landscape Designer


Text/call: 780-232-7565

Office: 780-476-YARD (9273)

Design Philosophy

Ones home should be a place of comfort and relaxation on all fronts, especially when it comes to green spaces. As a Landscape Designer, I know how important green spaces are – and it is my goal to help you achieve your ideal outdoor space. Through my designs, I will always ensure that my clients get the most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing designs which can be utilized and appreciated throughout the seasons.

Design Style

understand that every client has an idea as to what they’re looking for in their new yard - and it is my goal to take that idea, and turn it into a personalized outdoor oasis. When assigned to the task of helping you design your new yard, I will always make it my mission to utilize your creative ideas, whilst judiciously marrying in my own designs. Through all my work, I can ensure that I create a personalized landscape tailored to your ideal lifestyle, as well as a beautiful green space that will provide you with comfort and a sense of home.



I grew up spending most of my time running around in my backyard. My yard was simple with long stretches of sod, and tall coniferous trees. Eventually, my family decided that we wanted a yard that would be much more tailored to our needs, so we redesigned our yard. We built a deck that allowed my family to have company late into the night, and a firepit which provided us with an opportunity to spend time outside throughout all four seasons. The redevelopment of our backyard allowed my family to regain a sense of pride and appreciation for our newly renovated outdoor living space, that we still feel to this day. To me, our backyard had become my personal oasis, and through my work, I intend to give others the same feeling I felt as a young child whenever they step into their own yard.


My passion for design was sparked when I was in the 10th grade. My school decided to introduce a program called “Design Studies” which delved into the world of 3D design and architecture. I still remember the wonder and enjoyment I felt from using those 3D programs and being able to see my creations come to life.


Upon graduating from high school, I began doing research into post secondary institutes. I found that NAIT had a Landscape Architectural Technology program which was a seamless marriage between architecture, and the outdoors. Naturally, I applied and was accepted, and I began my educational journey.


Throughout my time at NAIT, I participated in the construction of homes with Habitat for Humanity, helped in the design process of multiple different urban developments within the city, and learned of the genuine importance of green spaces. 


Through my hard work and creative ability, I intend to design a landscape perfectly tailored to your needs, as your yard is an extension of your home, and your home is a place of comfort. 


Create your perfect outdoor space.
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