Erika Sjostrom 
Landscape Designer


Office: 780-476-YARD (9273)

Design Philosophy

It has been proven that the integration of landscape design can improve the lives of many by promoting healthier cities and communities. In a sense, the remediation of design can act as a bridge. The landscape is where nature and culture come together, establishing ties between neighbours. As a designer, it is imperative to create functional spaces that also provide an aesthetic value to my clientele. In addition, I believe that it is important to connect with the nature around us. Through my design, I am to provide creative solutions to problems while enhancing the surrounding environment and connecting my clients to nature. 


Design Style 

My style of design is contemporary. I integrate symmetry, straight lines, clean edges, and simple materials. Additionally, I tend to keep my designs eco-friendly in order to maintain a sustainable environment. Planting is important to me, therefore I aim to select plants that are native to our region. Native plants and pollinator-attracting perennials balance man-made structures with the surrounding environment, while the seasonal visits from birds, butterflies and bees keep the space from becoming static. I want my clients' yards to be an extension of their home, a space they can truly relax in. It is important for my designs to remain practical and functional while also providing an aesthetic style they can appreciate..



Art and design have always been creative hobbies for me, while growing up on a farm fostered my love and appreciation of the outdoors. When contemplating what I wanted to pursue as a career, I knew I either wanted to do something creative or environmental, so I combined the two and became a landscape designer. 

As a graduate from NAIT’s Landscape Architectural Technology program, I have extensive knowledge regarding the fundamentals of design. I have a well-rounded skill set in hardscape design and honed talents in horticulture, sketching, and software programs that produce 2D and 3D designs. I thrive in environments where creativity and visionary design are encouraged and where new concepts are explored. 


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