Gordon Neustaeter
CEO, Master Designer


Office: 780-476-YARD (9273)

Design Philosophy

When I look at a yard I can instantly see what I would do in the space to accentuate two or three key focal points. Some yards may be obvious but even the simplest square lot screams to me a point of interest. Perhaps it’s found by picturing myself living there and finding a point of view that, when realized, would pull you into your yard even after a long days work! Then I simply grow a design around that points to fit your taste and lifestyle.

I always start by walking through the space with you. I want to know how you use your yard, how you entertain, and what you do to relax. Then I design the space to fit how you live, resulting in a unique project that will enhance your outdoor living lifestyle.



My family moved to the area when I was in middle school. Today, I am blessed to have two amazing children that call me Dad, and both my beautiful spouse’s family and most of my extended family call Edmonton home. I am fortunate to have such a great support network that I can count on through my endeavours.


My passion for landscaping started early. I was pushing a lawn mower from house to house before I was old enough to obtain a drivers license. Then, over the next 20 years, I expanded my landscape knowledge many times over. My first landscape construction project was a lawn mowing client asking if I could replace a wall for them. I said sure and went straight to the local Revelstoke to figure out how… I apparently managed to do an ok job because the wall is still standing today!


Career Highlights

Some of the more challenging projects I have had the pleasure to develop include:

  • A shoreline armouring project that included a deck cantilevered over a lake by 20 feet

  • A backyard splash park that included a 4 seasons heated tree house (my kids would love)

  • A tiered pool system that incorporated a spa, a wading pool, and a swimming pool all connected with a waterfall

  • A home renovation that had a nano-wall which opened the dining/kitchen area into the deck, creating a indoor/outdoor room.

  • A heritage home where we added a garage, to not hinder the character of the home we built the garage under ground with a green roof that became the backyard space.


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