Jesse Schnell
Senior Landscape Designer


Text/call: 780-476-9273

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Design Philosophy

I enjoy the creative process of designing a project. I like to start by placing myself into the shoes of the client I am working with. This might mean I may ask some strange question. I really just want to find out how you are going to use an outdoor living area. Would you be entertaining guests well into the night or would it be more of a weekend BBQ. Are you going Have large groups of people over, or are you looking for something more cozy to maybe enjoy a good book; perhaps both? Then do you need it to be low maintenance to fit your lifestyle? Of course we have to do all this within budget! Once I have all this information then I just picture myself living there and form a picture in my mind of what the perfect yard would be. I then put this all together in a concept that we then go through together to ensure you love every aspect. That’s it, now you know my secret…



My family has lived and worked in Edmonton for 45 years. My mother taught at the Rundle Elementary and my father worked in the oilfield. I played hockey, mostly as a goalie but I was too short for the pros. I’ve been an Oilers fan my whole life. My dad and I still watch almost every single game together. When I was 22 I travelled for a while and even lived in Australia for a year. From seeing what I have seen of this world I come to the conclusion that I live in the best place on earth. I’ve seen Edmonton grow and the landscape change. It might be a little cold half the year, but the long summer nights, the personal freedoms, the opportunities and the people just can’t be beat.


Career Highlights

I grew up in Beaumont, Alberta and was working at the Colonial Estates Golf & Country Club starting when I was 14. When I wasn’t working, I loved to spend free time on the course. I can still remember standing on the 15th tee box looking over the lines along the fairway, listening to the ripples in the water hazard, and the smell of fresh cut grass. I knew I wanted to work outdoors. I first started at a landscaping company at 16. I was the guy pushing the wheelbarrow and running the shovel all day. When the project was finished, again the smell of freshly laid grass and flowing waterfall features; would bring me right back to the 15th tee box. It was something I looked forward to every day. With the love of the elements I kept that passion for the outdoors to fulfill a landscaping career. Over 15 years I worked my way up to the guy had to solve problems, but I wasn’t finished.

My next goal was to create the yard so I could see a project through, from concept to completion. Then when I had a serious injury it became the catalyst to continue in this direction. I went back to school to earn my diploma as a Architectural Technician to continuing my passion for landscaping. Now, after 20 years, I have been involved in in every part of landscaping a yard and I am thrilled to be able to use this knowledge to help my clients develope their perfect yard.


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