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3 Decking Options to Consider for a Fall or Winter Build

Decks by Greentree Outdoor Living in Edmonton

You’re ready to add a beautiful deck to your home. But will there be enough time before the cold weather hits? We are happy to say that time is on your side because we build decks through the Fall and Winter! In addition, Greentree Outdoor Living offers three types of decking. So now that you don’t have to worry about the timing, the only choice left is what kind you choose.

Read this list of benefits for hardwood, composite, and stone decking, so you can make an educated decision before we start the building process. Then, if you have any questions, book a FREE Design Consultation to learn more and get the ball rolling.

Hardwood Decking

Natural wood is initially more affordable than composite and stone. It’s easily customizable with various stains and paints, but it looks fantastic on its own! At Greentree, we can even create beautiful geometric designs with your wood decking that coordinate with the rest of your landscaping.

You can easily maintain hardwood decks by sanding, staining, and waxing.

Composite Decking

Composite decking has the aesthetic appeal of natural wood but requires far less maintenance.

Consequently, in the long run, you save money on your deck. These sustainable decks also usually last 25 years, longer than hardwood. In addition, composite tiles have traction; you don’t have to worry about slipping and falling.

They’re impervious to water so that they won’t collect mold.

Stone Decking

The first pro to note about stone tiles is that other landscaping companies don’t offer them, so your deck would turn heads! We provide tanzite stone and natural stone decks. These tiles have a lifetime warranty — withstanding scrapes, stains, and mold — you don’t have to maintain them.

Tanzite tiles don’t heat up, so you can walk barefoot in the summer without feeling that burn on your feet!

There are many design options for stone tiles, including colors, shapes, sizes, and stains.

The pros of decking materials come down to cost, maintenance, temperature control, durability, and flexibility in design. After reviewing this guide, you should be able to decide on a material that works for you. So, book your consultation with Greentree Outdoor Living today!

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