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Seven Benefits of Greentree’s Winter Stone Decking

Updated: Feb 24

granite decks can be built in the winter in Edmonton

Greentree has developed methods in order to build our stone decks all year round. So take advantage of our Winter discount and have our carpenters build this winter so that you can enjoy your new deck first thing in the Spring! We build all kinds of decks, but our patented stone decking system is our specialty.

So, if you’re looking for decking material, here are the pros of a stone decking system:

1. They’re non-slippery, even when they’re wet. Stone tiles repel water so that slush puddles won’t trip you!

2. Stone decks are low maintenance! Don’t expect to replace boards or polish up scratches; they only require a spray-down.

3. They’re waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about damage from mold and mildew, which will affect the integrity of the deck base over time. A stone deck is built to last!

4. Stone decking doesn’t splinter. Likewise, shovels and salt won’t cause your deck to deteriorate or scratch. The deck also won`t fade, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful stone for a lifetime!

5. Our stone decks have a lifetime warranty. So, we’re very optimistic about their durability!

6. Our natural granite stone tiles cost the same as other low-maintenance decking options but come with all the extra benefits!

7. Build with Greentree Outdoor Living this winter to receive 0% interest financing for 24 months or enjoy 10% OFF your deck!

Get your deck finished in the winter, and it will be ready for cookouts in the spring! So, reap the benefits of choosing a stone deck.

Book a Consultation today on our website or via phone at 780-476-9273!

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